How to Get a Gourmet Grocer...

I thought this quote from David Alpert in a blog post from GreaterGreaterWashington article linked to through Planetizen was very insightful:

Neighborhoods can either stay the same size, and see local retail gradually decline as online shopping grows and DC adds big box stores. Or, they can add enough new residents to support new retail options. Most of us prefer the latter. Some people, though, want to stop new residents but also have the retail. That's completely unrealistic.

I'm a huge proponent of getting a gourmet grocer or a Trader Joe's into downtown Roswell but until there is a critical density of people living in the downtown, historic center, we won't have that type of shopping option.  The perfect spot for one would be when the parcel where Value Village and Souther Skillet are locate gets redeveloped.