We Need Renewable Energy Mandates

This is the 23rd post in a series of posts this December that will chronicle the 25 things we would most like to see in Roswell. None of these are actually happening... at least in the way we'd like them to. Please enjoy and have a happy holidays!

This is going to be a quick hit because its not my area of expertise but it is really important to me.  I think it's high time that our city, region, state and nation get on the ball and embrace renewable energy.  The Chinese are going to eat our lunch if we don't do something here.  There is no argument that peak oil does not exist, it's just a question of when we hit it.  If we don't want to be crushed by the price of our foreign oil addiction, we need to make some changes.

Solar energy is quickly become cost effective and solar hot water heating is already the most cost effective way to heat your water.  Plus, there is a ton of sun in Georgia.  We have a decent amount of hydro potential here with Vickery Creek and the Chattahoochee.  I'm sure there are laws preventing us from using it but this is my wish list and I'm not going to let legal mumbo jumbo get in the way of a good idea.  Geothermal is a no-brainer in most areas in Georgia.  Finally, energy efficiency is ridiculously logical.  So, why aren't we doing it.  Well, that's a good question for our loyal public servants in Washington DC and the Gold Dome.  

My only other request is that the city enact legislation requiring that all new construction, residential or commercial, be required to meet LEED, Energy Star, EarthCraft or equivalent standards.

OK.. tomorrow's Christmas Eve so you can look forward to my equivalent of the Red Rider BB gun and a few stocking stuffers.  The only difference between my request and Ralphie's is that I know Santa isn't going to come down the Roswell chimney and drop off what I'm wishing for.  Oh yeah.. and you won't shoot your eye out with what I'm wishing for either.  

image: Lauren Nelson @ Flickr