Build the Bike Bridge

This is the 17th post in a series of posts this December that will chronicle the 25 things we would most like to see in Roswell. None of these are actually happening... at least in the way we'd like them to. Please enjoy and have a happy holidays!

We have a $3 million federal earmark for this bridge.  All Roswell needs is for Sandy Springs to commit $360k to the project.  Unfortunately, Sandy Springs has been waffling around on this one. I may not have the most up to date info on it but back in May, Sandy Springs mayor Eva Galambos reportedly said "Nobody in Sandy Springs rides bikes" when discussing the proposal.

I think this is a fantastic idea even with both cities needing to contribute matching funds of approximately $350k.  The enhanced connectivity will benefit both cities.  It will further connect the park system with potential recreation users and will offer a safer, healthier route to bike. 

image: City of Roswell