Actually Implement the. DPZ Master Plan

This is the second post in a series of posts this December that will chronicle the 25 things we would most like to see in Roswell.  None of these are actually happening... at least in the way we'd like them to.  Please enjoy and have a happy holidays! 

We all know what happens with master plans… The community gets excited, people participate and get excited about the future of their community. Then, once the planners are gone, the draft just sits on a shelf and collects dust. This isn’t exactly the case but due to the fact that development and changes in land use patterns move at glacial speed, the community feels that nothing is happening.


What we need to do is actually commit to investing in the infrastructure upgrades that are outlined in our new master plan. Then create incentive and reward systems that will spur the development that we are looking for. Additionally, people need to lose their fear of ‘density’ but that’s a side conversation that I’ll reserve for another day.


My point is that too many master plans end up being dreams instead of actually being implemented. So, the second item on my Christmas wish would be to actually implement the hypothetical DPZ master plan on an accelerated schedule.