Tea Party in a Parking Lot

As a general rule of thumb, I like to stay away from politics on this blog. The reason I do is because I view the issues that I discuss as apolitical. However, this was a little too strange to pass up.

Yesterday, I was driving through the Alpharetta Hwy/Holcomb Bridge intersection and noticed that a Tea Party rally was going on in the 'Town Center' shopping plaza parking lot. The backdrop for the stage was Alpharetta Hwy with a view of Chick-fil-a to the left and a closed big box to the right. Now, I couldn't think of too many worse places in Roswell to hold a rally if you are looking to restore the country to the good conservative values of yesteryear. I don't think our founding fathers had arterial roads, big box stores or fast food on their minds when they whipped up the constitution.

Before you go crazy with your comments, I recognize that this is one of the most traveled intersections in Roswell and it surely gained visibility. However, the message may have been lost on some.

image: Google Street View