This Week in Atlanta

The big event this week is the Green Business Works Expo on Wednesday & Thursday.  I'm also looking forward to seeing what the Atlanta Mayoral Candidates have to say in their Green Transportation Conversation on Monday and at the Sustainable Atlanta Roundtable on Friday.  An interesting but unfortunate piece of environmental history occurred this week as well in 1914.  Martha, the last known passenger pigeon died in captivity in the Cincinnati Zoo.  The story of the passenger pigeon is one of mammoth exploitation and is tragic.  It is interesting to see just how quickly and forcefully, man can impose his will on nature. 

Aug 31 (Monday)

No Events Scheduled

Sept 1 (Tuesday)

4pm - 8pm - Whistlestop Farmer's Market - Norcross

630pm - 730pm - Atlanta Mayoral Candidates Green Transportation Conversation

Sept 2 (Wednesday)

8am - 5pm - GreenBusiness Works Expo

6pm - 8pm - Green Drinks

7pm - 10pm - Southeast Green Kick-Off Party of GreenBusiness Works (R)

Sept 3 (Thursday)

8am - 5pm - GreenBusiness Works Expo

6pm - 10pm - Atlanta Botanical Garden - Cocktails in the Garden ($,R)

6pm - 630pm - Northeast Beltline 101

Sept 4 (Friday)

730am - 9am - Sustainable Atlanta Roundtable - Mayoral Forum on Sustainability and the Environment ($,R)

Sept 5 (Saturday)

8am - 12pm - Lawrenceville Farmer's Market

8am - 12pm - Suwanee Farmer's Market

8am - 1230pm - Alpharetta Farmer's Market

830am - 12pm - Peachtree Road Farmer's Market

9am - 12pm - Trees Atlanta - Planting - See Website for Details

9am - 12pm - Serenbe Farmer's Market

9am - 1pm - Piedmont Park Green Market

Sept 6 (Sunday)

No Events Scheduled


Ongoing Activities

Tour LEED Certified Chattahoochee Nature Center - Mondays & Thursdays @ 1pm, Sundays @ 4pm (General Admission, Members Free)

Naturalist Led Canoe Trips from the Chattahoochee Nature Center - August - Saturdays 830am - 11am

This Week in Environmental History

Sept 1 - Last Passenger Pigeon Dies @ Cincinnati Zoo - 1914

$ - Event Costs Money
R - Registration Required
P - Private Event Invite Only
M - Group Membership Required
V - Volunteer Event

If you know of any other events, please add them in the comments.