Energy Star Sales Tax Holiday Coming Up

image56172554.jpgQualified energy efficient products will be free of state or local sales tax from Thursday, October 1 through Sunday, October 4, 2009. A broad selection of ENERGY STAR products up to $1,500 are included. Specifically, the sales tax exemption applies to ENERGY STAR qualified dishwashers, clothes washers, room air conditioners, ceiling fans, compact fluorescent light bulbs, dehumidifiers, programmable thermostats, refrigerators, doors and windows.

Additionally, some water efficient products that carry the WATER SENSE logo will also be sales tax free. These products include bathroom sink faucets and faucet accessories (such as aerators), showerheads, high-efficiency toilets, high-efficiency urinals, and weather or sensor-based irrigation controllers. To learn more about WATER SENSE, visit

If you are already in the market to replace a appliance or pick up a new one, hold off a little longer to take advantage of the savings. Typically, retailers have tacked on additional savings for this event so keep your eyes open.

For more info, check out the consumers guide to the sales tax holiday