Perdue Says NO to Conservation and YES to Water War

Image Courtesy of Zach Klein @ Flickr

Well, I can't say that Perdue says no to water conservation totally but he definitely doesn't feel that the state will be telling Atlantans what to do with their water anytime soon. Thomas Wheatley at Creative Loafing chronicled the recent meeting between Perdue and 130 other officials at the governor's mansion in Buckhead to discuss the water crisis that has erupted in recent days since the courts ruled that Atlanta has just three years to stop using Lake Lanier as its primary water supply.  It was informative.  To read the entire article click here.

The point that I took offense to is that Perdue and the other officials seem to think that it's impossible to drastically cut our water usage. So, his example is that we would need to go back to 1975 withdrawal levels and that the metro region was 1/3rd the size in 1975. If my calculations, are roughly right, that would mean that we would probably need to cut our water use by approximately 70% understanding that we probably use more water per capita now than we did then.  Personally, I think with the right incentives and a public education campaign, Atlantans could cut water use by 50-60%. Why not reach out to desert cities like Phoenix and Las Vegas to help us.  Atlanta might be able to become a leader in water efficiency.  Oh yeah.. and maybe we can get Coca-Cola to stop using Lanier to bottle Dasani water (actually, I have no idea if that is true or not.)

But, all of this is for naught as the US Supreme Court will probably not the economic engine of the south go thirsty.