Peach Bites

Study: Use mass transit, save more than $9,000 a year - AJC

I could definitely use $9k a year. I don't think this will work out too well for those of us living in Alpharetta though.

Greenhaven Home by Pace Home Builders Open to the Public July 10th - Greenhaven Home

I love the idea and the Greenhaven home has ALL of the bells, whistles and certifications to make it a green home. However, I just can't fully buy into the 5k - 7k square foot green home. That's just gigantic. The builder says they are building what buyers are demanding but it just doesn't seem green.

Atlanta ranks as Southeast’s No. 4 city - Atlanta Business Chronicle

This isn't so much green as it is interesting. Study authored by NC professor ranks Atlanta fourth out of nine cities in the southeast on factors affecting economic growth. Atlanta is behind Raleigh-Durham, Austin and Charlotte (hmmmm).

Commuter buses' idling causes stir - AJC

Maybe we wouldn't have this issue if the two big counties to the north of the city had had the foresight to become part of MARTA years ago.