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EarthShare of Georgia Wants Your Georgia Nature Photos - Go Green Intown

Help EarthShare of Georgia out with their project. Post a picture. We did but you'll have to guess which one it is.

Lovett Gets National Recognition for Conservation Programs - Go Green Intown

Great strides are being made by the Lovett school in greening their entire operation. They have a fantastic sustainability program that includes the following; carpooling, biodiesel fuel initiatives, seeking LEED certification, Recyclling, Organic Gardening. There is much more that you might want to check out on their website,

Oregon: The Green Jobs Leader - Worldchanging

Well, the good news is that Georgia has 4.95 million jobs. The bad news is that only .31% of those jobs are in the clean energy field. This is a tie for 4th worst in the US. Only Florida, Nevada and Mississippi had lower percentages.

A big messy thing like the Beltline is 'in my sweet spot' - AJC

This is a good interview with Terri Montague outgoing CEO of Atlanta Beltline Inc. She's been through a lot in just a few years.