Find What You Need @ ecoEMPORIUM

You can find some fantastic products to help you live an environmentally friendly, sustainable lifestyle at ecoEMPORIUM in the Brickworks on the west side of Atlanta. The store is a beautifully designed showroom with just enough size to make it feel open while still keeping a cozy atmosphere. You can find everything from bedding to baby products in the store and virtually everything is earth-friendly, organic and/or non-toxic. Store owner Carol Held opened shop in September 2008 and although times have been tough she has managed to continue to do good business and her store is really the only store focused fully on green solutions for the home here in Atlanta. There are other locations that carry green products but you would be hard pressed to find one that compared closely to ecoEMPORIUM.

Their website states that "ecoEMPORIUM endeavors to make the world and our environment a better place to live by introducing our customers to earth-friendly products with style, regardless of your shade of green." From what I can see, they are doing a good job achieving their mission. Many of the products they sell are very unique and seem to be very useful. I was surprised to find a number of products that I have never seen before even being an avid environmentalist who has a chronic addiction to all things green.

Their product selection is great and includes the following:

  • Air Purifiers
  • Bath
  • Cleaning Products
  • Composters
  • Pet Supplies
  • Fabrics
  • Fashion
  • Gifts
  • Kids & Baby
  • Kitchen & Dining
  • Linens
  • Loungewear
  • Mattresses & Pillows
  • Paint
  • Sustainable Furniture
  • Toys

The store is also hosting a series of seminars by local non-toxic baby expert, Heater Tubbs, that will focus on how to set up a non-toxic baby nursery. See their website for more info on their events.

Ultimately, ecoEMPORIUM is an exciting concept and we're lucky to have it as part of the green business community here in Atlanta. I'd highly suggest that our readers stop by and check it out when the chance arises even if it's just to window shopping or look for a small gift.