Sites You Should Know - Earth911

Every week, GreenPeaches brings you a very useful site that you can use to help green your lifestyle. Our picks may or may not relate directly to Atlanta but they will always be great tools. We hope that you add these to your bookmarks and visit them in the future.

This weeks site is Earth911 (  This site is a fantastic resource for locating places where you can recycle almost anything.  Their database is very large and thorough.  A search for places within 25 miles of Atlanta where you can recycle batternies yielded almost 70 results.  Many of which are easily accessible such as Office Depot, Best Buy and Batteries Plus.  I was able to find two places that will accept styrofoam and 33 businesses that will accept scrap metal. 

Another great tool is their iPhone app, iRecycle.  It interfaces with the same database that the online website does and is searchable based on your current location or any location you want to enter.  When I was going through my garage this week cleaning up to make room for all the new baby stuff, I decided to give the app a try and loved it.  I was able to find a place to recycle my old cell phones, batteries, scrap metal, clothing and a number of other items right from my phone. 

Using the Earth911 website is a no brainer when you are in doubt about what to do with something you are looking to get rid of that is bulky, hazardous or that has an alternative use.  We highly recommend the website and as far as green iPhone apps go, this is one of the best out there.