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Georgia watering restrictions lifted - Atlanta Business Chronicle

We'll go with the good news first. The drought is over and the state is beginning to lift restrictions on watering. Now the bad news. Most people are going to go right back to their old habits and continue dumping valuable drinking water on their chemical saturated lawns. There are better ways.

Hardiness Zone Changes at -

If you're on the fence about global warming, here's a little bit of info that will stick in the back of your head. The changes from 1990 to 2006 are pretty impressive. I guess things are looking good for Georgia agriculture.

Video Tour of the Alpharetta Community Garden - Sustainable Alpharetta

We love to see these little signs of sustainability pop up. The 30 plots sold out quickly.

Taxing the Rain: Speaker Richardson Needs to Pay Attention to This - Peach Pundit

Hmmm... Municipalities need money.. Property tax revenues are falling.. So, what to tax... How about the Rain?

Tesla Motors to Open 7 New Stores in Major Cities - TreeHugger

This comes as no surprise but Atlanta isn't one of the lucky 7 cities to get the first Tesla Motors stores. The US Cities are New York, Seattle and Chicago.