Sites You Should Know - Local Harvest

Every week GreenPeaches brings you a very useful site that you can use to help green your lifestyle.  Our picks may or may not relate directly to Atlanta but they will always be useful tools in greening our lifestyles.  We hope that you add these to your bookmarks and visit them in the future. 

Since this is our first installment, the pressure is on to pick a good site.  We have been looking at a number of food related sites recently because summer is here and the farmer's markets are in full swing.  One of the greenest things any of us can do is to change our diet.  Moving from a diet rich in meat and highly processed foods to one with fewer servings of meat and more whole foods, fruits and veggies is one of the most environmentally friendly changes one can make.

This week's pick can help you do just that.  Local Harvest is a non-profit organization that specializes in helping people locate local, healthy food in their area.  We love this website because it is simple to use and provides a wealth of information.  You can locate farmer's markets, restaurants, grocery stores, health food stores, CSAs and much more near you by entering the city or zip code you are looking for.  Just searching in my area here in Alpharetta, the site returns 12 farms (some of which are CSAs), 5 CSAs, 10 farmer's markets and 3 restaurants.  Each search result has details and the Local Harvest community rates them.

Stay tuned for our next Site You Should Know.