Revolutionizing Transit in Atlanta - Wouldn't That be Nice


image courtesy of Citizens for Progressive Transit

We stumbled upon the website for Citizens for Progressive Transit ( the other day and their ideas definitely piqued our interest.  They are a grassroots organization that is committed to bringing improvments to public transit in our region by working with MARTA and our regional leaders.  There isn't much substance to the website yet but we really found their transit map very interesting.  It takes the current north/south, east/west MARTA lines and completely revolutionizes them.  Obviously, it is a pie in the sky type vision given that we can't even get movement around how to use existing funds for our transit needs.  However, it is nice to see a vision.  The Beltline was once just a vision too and today we see a great amount of progress on that project. 

Take a few minutes of your time and just imagine how a revolutionary transit system would change the face of the city.