Movie Review: Hurricane on the Bayou

This was a pretty good, short IMAX film that focused on wetland loss around the New Orleans and southern Louisiana area.  I love IMAX films because they are usually short, in the 45 minute range and often have an environmental theme.  Hurricane Katrina was used as the center of the storyline and the movie followed the life of a young girl who was doing a science experiment about wetland loss.  You see not only the devastation that the hurricane wreaked on the environment but also the personal impact of that damage. 

I would suggest checking this one out to learn a little more about the serious problem of coastal wetland destruction.  Louisiana lost over 100 square miles of wetlands due to katrina.  It has lost far more over the past 70 years due to mismanagement of the Mississippii River.  Had the state and the army corps of engineers utilized smarter river management tactics, much of the environmental and economic damage could have been avoided.  There are many lessons to be learned from this film.

Check out the website here or check out the GreenPeachesAtlanta channel over at YouTube for the trailer.