Happy Earth Day Atlanta!

We hope that everyone takes some time today to recognize the importance that a healthy planet plays in all of our lives.  It is our belief that education and thought are the starting points for an improved relationship with the environment and our natural world.  Until we start to realize our impact on a large scale, changes that truly make a difference will be difficult to achieve.  There are so many areas where education and leadership are needed in order to fix what we have done.  The good thing is that there are people all over the world working hard to effect the kinds of changes in human behavior that are needed.

Here in Atlanta there are several events that are going on.  You can get out and learn more about how you can help at Atlantic Station, The Atlanta Botanical Garden, The Atlanta Zoo and several others.  Check out our Earth Day Events entry or go over to Atlanta Green Parenting for some others. 

Have fun today and hopefully we can all remember to treat every day like Earth Day