Friday is Ride MARTA Day

image courtesy of hyku @ Flickr

If you have the opportunity to ride MARTA, you may want to do it while you still can.  Just kidding, we know MARTA will be around for a long time to come but there are many obstacles to our region's largest transit system.  As you probably, know the legislative session was a bust and has left MARTA in the position that it may need to cut operations by a day in order to sustain its operations and meet its budget requirements.

The group Save MARTA is a growing coalition of organizations, local communities, and individuals who are demanding sensible funding and legislative support for MARTA. They are organizing Ride MARTA Day this Friday.  Here is what their website says about it:

The purpose of Ride MARTA Day is to bring all concerned Metro Atlanta residents into a community building activity that will boost ridership, expose new riders to useful routes, express solidarity with MARTA workers and regular commuters, and demonstrate that, as the backbone of our city´s transportation system, MARTA must be fairly funded.

We hope this will be a successful event.

For more info, check out their website: