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Decatur Rolls Out "Agricultural Initiative"
At the 12th Annual Georgia Organics Conference, the City of Decatur announced the Decatur Agricultural Initiative (DAI) which will be a partnership between the City of Decatur, Agnes Scott College, City Schools of Decatur, Decatur Business Association, Georgia Organics and the Oakhurst Community Garden. The focus of the initiative will be bringing together community partners to develop a more locally focused food chain.

2009 Right Whale Births Set Record
Georgia Public Broadcasting News
The 39 right whale births this year off the southeast coast broke the previous record set in 2001 by eight. The north Atlantic right whale births its calves in the waters off the Georgia coast. It is one of the most endangered species of whales with only 300 to 400 remaining. This is great news for the species.

CNN Recognizes Eco-Bella and Verus Carbon Neutral for Carbon Neutral Zone

Organic Lifestyle News
Click through to see the video from CNN. Who doesn't love the Highlands area? This makes it even easier to love knowing that the businesses in the area are doing the right thing and creating a unique local experience. We are big fans of Eco-Bella and hope that the entire initiative is a success.