Peach Bites

State Public Service Commission Approves Two New Nuclear Reactors
GPB - Atlanta,GA,USA
Hooray for Nuclear!! Having lived three miles as the crow flies from a reactor, I can vouch that I was perfectly safe (and scared out of my mind that something would go wrong). Good thing these things won't be ready until 2017 and they will be in the Far East of the state. BTW, what are we going to do with the waste?

The Nature Exchange opens at the Chattahoochee Nature Center in June - USA
This should be a great addition to the Chattahoochee Nature Center's 10000 sq. ft. LEED certified Discovery Center that is set to open to the public in June. The Nature Exchange is a unique organization that fosters learning about nature by creating a place where kids of all ages can exchange things that they have found or collected.

EPA lauds 25 US cities with most Energy Star Buildings - Atlanta Ranks 9th
Green Right Now - Los Angeles,CA,USA
Maybe we make the list because we're one of the top 10 largest cities in the US. I prefer to think that we make the list because businesses, builders and architects in the metro area are recognizing that designing and building for efficiency is actually a good idea.

Lanier Water Level
GPB - Atlanta,GA,USA
"Three months ago, Lanier was 20 feet below full pool. Now it's more than 11 feet below." I guess all that rain last weekend was good for something.