Peach Bites

Piedmont Park residents not cool with tunnels under Atlanta
Creative Loafing Atlanta - Atlanta,GA,USA
Holy Big Dig Batman!! Seriously, have our politicians lost their collective minds? The sheer stupidity of this project is mind boggling. This project would be in the billions.  Let's just conservatively say $10B. That would be $2k for 5 million Atlantans.. I bet there are more creative ways to use $2k/person to solve the area's congestion woes.

Get Georgia Moving message hits streets - Charlotte,NC,USA
The Get Georgia Moving coalition is putting up billboards around the metro area to bring awareness to the campaign to come up with a more sensible transportation bill that can be brought up for vote in 2010. This quote from Terry Chastain, executive director of Get Georgia Moving caught my eye... “Atlanta has the second-worst traffic congestion in the country, and the state is next to last in funding levels for transportation. If we don't take action, we could lose over half a trillion dollars in economic benefit.” $500 Billion in economic benefit. Now, we're congested and all but congestion relief in one city/state can't amount to an economic benefit of $500 BILLION.

Committee passes Perdue’s transportation plan
Atlanta Journal Constitution - Atlanta,GA,USA
Goodbye state Department of Transportation. Hello State Transportation Authority. With the way the GDOT handled the whole Beltline controversy, Atlantans should welcome a little change although I'm still skeptical.

Ga. Power lobbyists push hard on rate hike
Access North Georgia - Gainesville,GA,USA
Hiking Georgia Power rates in 2011 to help a private company pay for a taxpayer subsidized nuclear power plant seven years before any power will be generated amounts to a fleecing. Supporters say it will slash some $300 million off the project's estimated $14 billion total price tag, saving consumers money in the long run. Doesn't seem worth it to me. That $300 million of your money, my money and our friends' money going to GA Power for something we're not receiving. Why don't they ask us if we'll accept a $300M price tag in exchange for a solar or wind power generation facility?