Peach Bites


It's been a little while since our last post. A lot has transpired in the Beltline saga since it flared up last week but really when you look at it deeper, it doesn't seem like much.

Beltline Rally Last Saturday Drew More than 200 Supporters - The Epoch Times - Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it down to Piedmont Park for the rally but there was a decent gathering of support. I expect that we will see more of these if the news continues to go against the Beltline.

Agencies Working Together on Beltline 'Solution' - AJC - The City of Atlanta, Georgia DOT, MARTA and many other agencies agreed to a 30 day timeout to work on a solution to the dispute over the NE section of track that everyone seems to want but only one seems to be able to have.

Georgia Senate Approves Mag Lev Train Between Atlanta & Chattanooga - - Do we have approval for a Mag Lev train from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson to Chattanooga Municipal Airport? Do we have the money? At $40 million per mile, Mag Lev isn't cheap, but it sure is fast. Check out this YouTube post of the train in Shanghai.

Transportation Bill Calls for New Northern Arc, Tunnel - AJC - Do we really need new roads? Let's fix the ones we have first and stop building the type of sprawl that creates the perceived need for new roads anyway. My bet is that this project won't do much to decrease traffic congestion nor will it do much to increase quality of life.

Green School Opening in DeKalb - AJC - "It will be Georgia’s premier “green” school —- one of the first public schools in the state with a national certification for environmental construction and perhaps the only one with an environmentally themed curriculum." The school will be in southeastern DeKalb near Arabial Mountain and is expected to have LEED Silver certification. To learn more