Georgia Organics 2009 - 2010 Local Food Guide

Georgia Organics recently released its 2009 - 2010 Local Food Guide. You can download it for free as a .pdf from their website or you can use their lookup tool.

The guide uses locator maps to effectively divide the state up into five regions; Mountain, Metro, Piedmont, East Coastal Plain and West Coastal Plain. Each regional map shows the locations of all the businesses and organizations that are detailed in the guide. This is great if you either don't know what is around you in the way of local/organic food or if you are traveling and are unfamiliar with the area. Each locator map tags the Farms, Farmers' Markets and Restaurants with different tags so the reader can locate things quickly. The guide then details each region by county and provides a description with contact info for each business.

If you are in the metro area, you'll be happy to know that there are 32 farms, 26 farmers' markets, 54 restaurants and 23 grocers available to you in the 13 county metro area. This is a great source of dining ideas if you're looking to eat out. A few of our favorites that are in the guide are Canoe, 5 Seasons Brewery (both locations) and R. Thomas' Deluxe Grill. A couple others that are on the list that we are looking forward to checking out are The Hil at Serenbe and Watershed.