Peach Bites

Atlanta has been busy since our last readings post. Catch up with some of the more notable stories below.

Overbuilt? (AJC) - Metro Atlanta ranks third worst in the nation in empty homes. Wow! Only Las Vegas and Detroit rank higher in the numbers of vacant rental properties and single family homes on the market currently. Notable Quote: "Intown Atlanta had more than 6,000 new unsold condo units at the end of 2008, and only 645 new units sold the entire year, Haddow & Co. says."

Stimulus Package Breakdown (AJC) - Info below taken directly from the AJC:

  • Transit - More than $1.01 billion for highways and bridges; $168 million for transit capital grants
  • Energy - Will be determined by legislative action and efforts by private companies and homeowners to apply for credits and grants, but $97.8 million is included for weatherization.
  • Education - $420 million for Title I schools; $333 million for special education; some of the $1.28 billion the state will receive in fiscal stabilization funds will also go to education, specifically for modernization and renovation.
  • Unemployed & Poor - Estimated $220 million in additional unemployment insurance trust fund dollars.

Atlanta Receives Poor Marks for Park Space (AJC) - Atlanta is still one of the worst cities in the nation when it comes to parks. The report indicates that the main cause is lack of spending on parks. While surrounding counties' citizens have taken it upon themselves to pay taxes, $264M in Cherokee, Cobb & Gwinnett, the City of Atlanta has been mired in infrastructure issues for the better part of the decade. The beltline will go a long way to improve the city's standing but we all know the issues there. Notable Quote: "Apparently, it takes green to be green." State of Atlanta's Parks (Park Pride .pdf)