SkyHill Townhomes: Sustainable Development in Midtown

Unfortunatley, we have a house on the market in Charlotte right now.  If we were in the market for a place here in Atlanta, we would probably be looking near downtown and we would undoubtedly take a peek at one of the proposed 12 townhomes in SkyHill on North near Ponce de Leon.  These townhomes are definitley planned with sustainabiltiy and the environment in mind.  Some of the more impressive features are:

- Green Roof - Well, kind of.. the homes are equipped with a rooftop gardening system. You don't find very many of these around.

- Walkability - SkyHill is close to dining, shopping, nightlife and transit.  What more can you ask for?

- Infill - Using previously developed land rather than greenfield development on the fringes is always a plus.

One more thing, they look great.  Architect Derek Seiling of Kuo Diedrich Architecture has done a great job planning a project that will improve community, neighborhood asthetics and hopefully the environment in the Midtown area.

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