Jason's Deli - A Quick, Healthy Eating Option

If you are out and about town and are in the need of a quick stop for food, Jason' Deli might be the perfect idea.  Don't fall into the trap of thinking that Jason's is just another sandwich shop.  They are much more than that.  Jason's has an incredible selection of healthful organic food on their menu and at their delicious salad bar. They made news recently by removing high fructose corn syrup from thier menu in every way possile.  This follows their anouncement in 2005 to eliminate trans fats and MSG in every way possible. About the only place you will find HFCS is in their soft drinks and you'll have a difficult time finding trans fats or msg anywhere. Their prices are very reasonable especially given the quality of the food. You won't find a dollar menu but $6 to $7 per person for a healthy, nutritious meal isn't going to break the bank.

Some of our favorite things about Jason's.

  • Great organic selection and salad bar.
  • Limited HFCS.
  • Non-disposable plates, glasses and silverware when eating in the deli.
  • Lots of locations. 10 in the Atlanta Area!
  • Friendly staff.


Jason's Deli is taking many steps in the right direction to a greener restaurant industry and a healthier world in general.  I only wish more high volume franchises would do the same.  If you are interested in finding out more about Jason's Deli, check out their website. They also update a blog every couple of weeks here. Also, they have info on their HFCS and organic policies on YouTube.

You can find all of the Jason's Deli locations in the Atlanta area on the GreenPeaches map.