The GreenPeaches Holiday Shopping Guide - Clothing

Since it's that time of year when everyone is concerned about shopping, we figured it was about time to get on the bandwagon.  Our next few posts will be about where the eco-concious shopper can go to find some good presents for the holidays or even just pick up some things that they have had their eyes on for a while. 

We're going to start by taking a look at where you can go for some eco-friendly clothing.  When looking for clothing there are too many choices and ethical decisions to worry about for us to get into in this post.  We'll leave that to some of the other sites out there to debate.  This is how we frame our purchases: new vs. reused/vintage, organic vs. conventional and fair trade vs. exploitation. 

I'd love to buy a good looking reused suit that is made from organic sustainably farmed cotton that was originally purchased at a fair price from the supplier and manufacturers but that's a tall task even in this day and age.  We hope that this quick hit guide around Atlanta will help you find some threads that are at least a bit more sustainable than going straight to Abercrombie or J.Crew to buy the latest cargos or shirts.

Today, we'll take a look at where you can land some great used clothing around Atlanta.

Plato's Closet is a personal favorite of mine.  They have 8 locations in the metro Atlanta area.  Each store has  a different selection and you can find some great deals on casual or work clothes.  Personally, I have found several of my favorite pairs of jeans there and I wear a couple of the shirts I have bought at Plato's Closet to work regularly.  They tend to cater toward the younger crowd but in my 30's I can get by.  You can find Abercrombie, Guess, Banana Republic, Quicksilver, J.Crew, Express, Hollister, and clothing from most regular mall retailers in the store.  They also purchase clothes if they are in good condition meet the store's inventory needs.


Goodwill is always an option if you are looking for used clothing but it is much more hit or miss and you will likely spend a lot more time looking than a more focused reseller like Plato's Closet.  There are around 40 metro area locations listed on their site so you will probably be able to find a location near you.  Goodwill also sells a number of other types of items so you are bound to find something of use for that person you are shopping for.  Don't forget that after you get new things over the holdidays you can donate your old things to Goodwill and you will also get a tax deduction. 


If vintage is what you're looking for, Psycho Sisters is where you might want to look.  You can find great unique items from the 60's, 70's and 80's at each of their three locations as well as quality clothing from today.  You'll find them in Sandy Springs, Little 5 and Cartersville.  Psycho Sisters has been open for 15 years and has been voted Atlanta's #1 Consignment Store for 10 years.  Another reliable option is The Lucky Exchange on Ponce might be the right place. 

Unfortunately, it is impossible to mention all of the quality stores around town and I'm sure you have your own personal favorites.  Feel free to add any in the comments.

Look forward to our next post on Holiday Shopping in the GreenPeaches Holiday Shopping Guide.