Green? - Irrigated by Well Water

Green? is where we question wheter the Green and environmental intentions of business, individuals and politicians are sincere or just plain Greenwashing.  Today, we ran across a sign that screamed greenwashing.  You've probably seen some of these around since the drought started several years back and especially after last year's crisis with Lake Lanier water levels.  The sign reads "Going Green...  Community Irrigated by Well Water."  This sign placed at the entrance of a rather large apartment complex left me asking soo many questions that I didn't know where to start.  Here are just a few of them. 

- How much "well water" are they really using?

- Should they even be irrigating?

- How much water are they wasting in their units by having standard flow faucets in their showers and sinks?

- What are their other green efforts?

- Is a flimsy sign in front of your complex really making anyone think that your company's contribution to the degradation of the environment by aiding Sprawl is any more environmentally friendly?

- Are they harvesting their rainwater?

- What are they doing to prevent runoff into our watersheds from their massive parking lot footprint?

I'll leave the complex unnamed for now but I really feel that the sign below is a hollow and superficial way to try and fool people into thinking you are "Going Green..."