New E-Waste Recycling Program @ Costco


Costco has a new Trade In & Recycling program for electronics.  This is great but unfortunately it is only for Costco Members (of which, I am one). Basically, the program covers PCs, LCD Monitors, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Game Systems, and MP3 Players. Here's how it works:

1. Research Value - Go to and input the type of equipment you want to dispose of to see if it has any trade in value.

2. Jackpot? - The website will generate a Trade In value if it has any.

3. Print, Pack, & Get Rid of It- Ship the item using a free, prepaid shipping label.

4. Get Paid - Costco will send you a Costco Cash card if your item did have trade in value.

Also, Costco does not require that the electronics that you are recycling be purchased at Costco.  The service is offered through a partnership with GreenSight.  GreenSight specializes in the safe disposal of electronics.  They disassemble the items for any pieces of value and then work with other companies to safely dispose of those pieces that have no resale or second life value. 

I personally can't wait to try the service.  I have a number of old items that I've been hanging on to because I know better than to throw them into the garbage.