What to do With That Christmas Tree?

This year was my first year with a real Christmas tree as an adult.  Previously, I've either gone treeless or put up a tiny little tree just for a little holiday cheer.  However, Nita and I decided that we would definitely get a real tree this year.  We evaluated the alternatives of real versus fake.  This SF Gate article helped.  The debate will rage on but I would say that a majority lean toward real as the better choice if you must make one. 

Positives of Real: US Grown, Biodegrades, Affordable, No Storage, Fresh Smell 

Negatives of Real: Pesticides, Sap, Transportation, Needles 

Positives of Fake: No Needles, No Sap, No Transportation Issues, Lasts Longer 

Negatives of Fake: Non-Biodegradable, Made w/PVC, No Fresh Smell, Have to Store it, Made in China

Well, we decided on the real tree and once we decided, I immediately started wondering how we would get rid of the tree. 

Well, I put off the research for the past 3 weeks and enjoyed the holidays.  Yesterday, the tree came down and the environmentalist came back out.  I quickly googled my city and tree recycling.  I knew there would be 19beaverbg.jpgsomething.  Most likely a mulching operation.  To my surprise, I stumbled on a national campaign run by Earth911.org who has teamed up with many Home Depot locations to act as a drop spot for used Christmas trees.  You will need to enter in your zip code on the home page to find local info and events. 

The campaign is aptly named "Bring One for the Chipper."  So, I couldn't resist putting up a nice beaver for today's post.