Take the Slate/TreeHugger Energy Challenge

We may have missed the boat on this green contest/challenge but we still feel that it is worth talking about.  Two months ago, Slate and TreeHugger SlateGreenChallenge.jpgteamed up to create a voluntary challenge that would spur average people to cut their CO2 emmissions by making commitments and taking steps that would lead to a reduction of energy use and thus cut emissions.  The challenge ended last week but is still open to anyone who wants to take it. 

More than 30,000 people signed up for the challenge and together pleged to reduce emissions by 60 million pounds of CO2.  Unfortunately only 1,373 people took the wrap up quiz but out of that group, they claim to have cut their emissions by 9 million pounds already.  I'd call that a substantial success.

So, if you would like to test your carbon reducing skills and have the fortitude to stick with it, sign up and take the challenge yourself.  You won't get the free t-shirt but you will make your small contribution to what is quite possibly the worlds most pressing problem.

Link to Challenge