The Low Hanging Fruit

power-cost-monitor_08.jpgOne of the ideas that really gets us going here at Efficiency Solutions is the Low Hanging Fruit hypothesis.  Most leading personalities and scholars in the energy efficiency field hold that the "Low Hanging Fruit" that which is the easiest to grab represents a significant chunk of the cost/fuel/energy/environmental savings that are available.  It is truly the simplest things that make big differences.  Turning off lights, televisions, air conditioners, etc. 

 Today, we ran across a quick article in Business 2.0 magazane about a new product by Blue Line Innovations that does just that. The objective of Blue Line's most recent innovation was to "create a device that any customer could install without the help of an electricitan" says Danny Tufff of Blue Line.  They are now marketing their innovation to power companies (mostly Canadian) with great success.  The stat that caught our eye was that customers who adopted this technology saved 6.5% of their normal energy consumption after installing the device. 

 For more info you can visit their website.