Recycling Program... ¿qué programa de reciclaje?

This has been going on at my place of business for quite some time now. I have been working in my office for more than 5 years and when I first started we seemed to have a robust and vibrant recycling program. We had large containers in the breakrooms for drink containers placed conveniently next to the regular trash cans. We also had individual recycling cans at every employee's desk. At one point we even had a recycling fairy, somewhat similar to the tooth fairy but not quite as mystical, that came by late at night and gave everyone with paper in their recycling bin a crisp new one dollar bill. What a sham as I was an avid recycler and I failed to receive my $1 because I was out the day before. I'm still have a little chip on my shoulder from that sleight.Now, at some point, the program took a wrong turn. The large bins for beverage containers turned into smaller containers and were moved off to an obscure part of the breakroom where only the most vigilant recycler would notice. The small recycling bins at the individual desks were turned into just another waste basket. The kicker was the day I was in the office very late doing some work and the custodial staff was in cleaning up. The help spoke no English and really didn't understand when I asked him why he was putting the blue recycling bin contents into the same bag as the regular trash. Donde va el papel? No se senor... Lo pongo en la basura.Well, there goes the recycling program. I wonder if the guys who have hijacked our recycling program are here legally but that is a question for another day. The only way I can now be assured that my paper is recycled is to actually take it to the shredder bins that are collected by an outsourced paper shredding company. Well, I guess they end up recycling it but who knows if they don't just dump it into a landfill when they take it away from our building.We all need to work on decreasing our paper waste and paper usage. For more info, check out these sites. Fact:Making paper from recycled content rather than virgin fiber creates 74 percent less air pollution and 35 percent less water pollution. Yet the share of total paper fiber coming from recycled material has grown only modestly from 20 percent in 1921 to 38 percent today. Link