Festival Insanity

This past weekend, Nita, Bentley and I went to the Atlanta Dogwood Festival for some fun in the park and to look at some of the local arts that were on display. It was a great time, great weather and there were some really nice things to see. It was even nice to see recycling trash recepticles placed next to some of the trash cans. This is where I begin to question the sanity of my fellow humans though. Now, maybe they were unable to differentiate between the normal trash cans and the distinctly blue recepticles that were marked RECYCLE but I think it was just a case of laziness because sure enough each of the trash cans was stuffed full of plastic bottles and aluminum cans. There's not a single excuse that someone could give me that would make this okay in my mind but it is what I have come to expect from the citizens of this great big lazy country.