The Most Dangerous Ditch in Roswell

I was headed out to eat in Milton this weekend and passed what must be the most dangerous ditch in all of Roswell or maybe even all of North Fulton for that matter.  The site is on Crabapple Rd just south of the intersection of Houze Rd on the east side of the road.  Here's a picture from Google images from last year.  

I would tell you to beware and to keep your hands at 10 & 2 when passing this perilous ditch.  However, there is no longer any need as we now have 6.. count 'em.. SIX road hazard signs along this ~100 yard stretch of road to protect those drivers who can't seem to stay on the road.  (do you really think drivers who are having trouble staying on the road are really paying attention to road signs?) 

Here's a shot of two of the freshly minted hazard preventers.  Just take notice how much better the streetscape looks and feels with these beauties now assaulting your optics.  

You can almost hit your side view mirrors on these stupid things they're so close to the road.  There must have been a rash of incidents where cars plowed off the road.  Do we really need these signs?  Are drivers going to pay more attention here because of these signs?  These liability signs are popping up everywhere and they are ruining our landscape.  They are insidious and sneak up on you... beware.  (but don't forget about that ditch. Its a doozie).

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Watch Out for Those Perilous Turns on the Greenway!!

I was out on the Alpharetta section of th Big Creek Greenway recently and was glad to see this left turn advisory arrow.  Had it not been there, I might have careened out of control into those woods at 3 miles per hour.  Seriously, do we think that a sign is going to prevent a cyclist from running off the path?  Get Real Folks!


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Stop the Madness: Don't Hit This Median

Here are two medians at the gate as you exit Liberty in Historic Roswell. I've been completely puzzled (annoyed) at the presence of the median sign on the second of the two medians. I'm not sure why one of these has the median warning sign and the other doesn't. However, there's one thing I'm absolutely sure of and that is that the one there is WHOLLY UNNECESSARY. The only people that would ever hit that median are people turning around at the entrance gate and they wouldn't see it anyway.

These signs are suited for medians in environments where cars are going 45mph+ or where there is a visibility problem. NOT in a spot where the posted speed limit is 13 mph and certainly not where it is virtually impossible for a driver to hit the median. Stop putting up ridiculously unnecessary signs and pull the pointless ones down already!!!

Stop the Madness: No Right Turn(s)

Hey, no right turn here...  

Don't make me repeat myself...  

Now you've really gone and done it..


Seriously guys, this is unnecessary.. there isn't a vantage point where you can't see either one of these signs.  Take down the first one and leave the one next to the light...

But wait.  There's more.  Why can't you make a right turn? Because it's a ONE WAY Street.  So, if you could make the One Way sign more visible, you could negate the need for the two No Right Turn signs.  Hmm..


Stop the Madness: Pedestrian Xing Ahead

Now, I'm all for pedestrian safety.  But this is just overkill!  About 50 feet ahead of the crosswalk there is a sign indicating that there is a pedestrian crossing ahead.  Then, there are two signs at at the pedestrian crossing with little arrows to indicate that the pedestrians actually cross on the ground.  Not sure what to think if the arrows were aimed up.  Presumably, the 'ahead' sign is there because it is at the crest of a hill coming up Oak St to warn approaching cars that there is a pedestrian crossing under the assumption that cars wouldn't be able to see the two signs at the actual crosswalk.  

But, there is NO WAY a driver would miss the TWO signs that are actually at the crossing as evidenced by the second image which is a Google Street View from roughly 300 feet away.


Serously folks!  We need to chill with the unnecessary signs.  It's going to kill the charm we have in our public places.

Stop the Madness: No Right, One Way, Do Not Enter

Why do we feel the need to over sign our built enviroment?  Drivers.. we would like for you to know the following...

  1. This street is a one way street.
  2. If you are unsure of what that means, it means that you cannot make a right turn here.
  3. If you have somehow missed that, you may also see the DO NOT ENTER sign on the right side of the road.
  4. If you have missed the DO NOT ENTER sign, you are now driving down a narrow street with very little traffic that is perfectly suited to be a two way street.

Redundant Signs in front of home in the historic Mill Village. So picturesque.Triple stamping the double stamp. Even more sign redundancy in the historic Mill Village.


Stop the Madness: Two Unnecessary Signs

This one is driving me nuts.  Last year, the one way on Plum Street was reversed so that traffic could more easily flow off of Canton St.  That made sense to me.  But these signs don't.  First up, why do you need a one way sign where traffic enters a one way street?  There should be a one way sign at the end where cars exit to alert drivers that you can't turn into that street but putting one where you enter is just adding to the littany of signs cluttering our landscape. Hmmm...  So, the one way sign in this picture is completely unnecessary.  

Second, why in the world would you need a Do Not Enter sign here?  IF, in the off event a car did make it's way to that spot by going the wrong way down Plum St, they certainly SHOULD enter Canton St to get off of Plum St.  If there is an appropriate place for a Do Not Enter sign on a one way street, it would be at the point of entry,  not at the point of exit.  But, there would be no reason for a DNE sign at the entrance if there is already a one way street sign.  That would be redundant... but as we all know... there is no shortage of redundant signs on our roads.

Take these two signs down.  They are completly unnecessary.