Stop the Madness: Mowed Down

This is an update from our previous 4 of a Kind post.  Apparently, East Cobb drivers hate these signs as much as I do and they've been taking matters into their own hands to clean up our oversigned streets.  Seriously, these two signs were within a half mile of each other near the Avenue East Cobb.  Median Signs Beware!  Drivers in East Cobb don't like you.

This one didn't even have a chance.An up close look at the carnage.

I wonder how this one felt as the driver rolled over him.

Stop the Madness: Stay Off the Chimney

If you have visited Overlook Park in Sandy Springs, you may have noticed that there is an old chimney that is a relic from a long gone house that was once part of the property.  It's actually quite decorative.  However, for the longest time, I felt something just wasn't right.  It was odd to look at it just sitting there as it had for decades without a sign in front of it.  Thankfully, someone has fixed that problem.  

Sign Overload: 4 Of A Kind!!!!

If you haven't noticed these suckers before, you will now and they will annoy the piss out of you.  They are now present on virtually every median you can see.  You will actually be surprised by how few medians actually don't have these signs.  Where do they come from?  Who the hell puts them up?  How much do they cost?

Given their prevalence on our roads, one would have to conclude that America has a serious median collision epidemic.  Unfortunately, I think the real epidemic we have is our severe lack of concern for the degradation of our environment and the lack of respect for our own collective common sense.

Behold the new American intersection decor...  Yes, this is four views of the four medians at the same intersection and yes, you are all morons because you obviously can't see the medians, trees, grass, flowers without the assistance of a sign to let you know that you will need to navigate around them.

Who Is Speaking for the Trees?

I feel like the Lorax here but I thought the language of HB 501 being voted on tomorrow in our state legislature was interesting enough to share...
To amend Article 1 of Chapter 6 of Title 32 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to general provisions regarding the maintenance of public roads, so as to require the Department of Transportation to remove all trees in the public right of way that are capable of falling on an interstate or limited-access highway; to provide for the department to designate the removal of trees by a third party after a competitive bidding process; to provide for related matters; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.
I could not find anything that told me whether this was:
  1. Cost Effective? - How much would cutting every tree that meets this definition cost?  How many are there?  How long would this take?
  2. Necessary? - How many crashes, injuries, deaths per year are caused by a tree falling on a road?  I'm sure there are some and don't want to sound insensitive to those people who have lost loved ones to an unfortunate accident of this nature but I'm just not convinced that there isn't lower hanging fruit out there.
  3. A Legitimate Safety Concern? - It sounds to me like a way around the Supreme Court case regarding trees covering billboard views.  The last sentence in the bill "All laws and parts of laws in conflict with this Act are repealed." made me think that might be the case.
You can send an email to your legislature through this link if you are opposed to a wholesale cutting of all trees meeting this definition.  Here's the link.

Sign Overload: A Beginning and an End

I'm giving Roswell a break this week.  A special thanks to my friend Brian for bringing my attention to this set of signs on the Forsyth section of the Big Creek Greenway.  Apparently these litter the landscape up there along the greenway anywhere that an elevated boardwalk section is present.  Everything has a beginning and and end and Forsyth County wants you to know about it.

Sign Overload: Parking & Trees & GDOT

I think this one speaks for itself.  I feel bad for those poor trucks that may be looking for their handy Truck Route sign.  You may not notice but there is also a nice big tree behind all that signage.  YES there is a gigantic tree literally inches from the roadway.  On a side note, the reason Roswell could not put big trees along the newly redone Midtown Streetscape on Alpharetta Hwy just north of the historic district is because GDOT standards say trees too close to the road are dangerous...  So, you can have a gigantic tree along hwy 9 here for at least 50 years but you can't put one along hwy 9 two miles up the road?  Also, take notice that the historic wayfinding sign is actually closer to the road than the tree.. You can tell that the sign has been clipped by a passing vehicle.  Safety First GDOT... and let's not forget to remove the redundant brown parking sign.

Sign Overload: No Left Turn. NO LEFT TURN.

GDOT really really doesn't want you to turn left here.  So much so that they have two signs to tell you so.

This is our historic square folks.  It should be beautiful, peaceful and inviting.  There are numerous other examples of unnecessary clutter in the form of signs and signals that just aren't necessary. 

Who is in charge of removing redundant signs?  

Sign Overload: Bulloch Hall x 2

Can you find the redundant sign?

Okay, so, you may need to look twice but there are literally two signs withn 15 feed of eachother pointing toward Bulloch Hall.  One is your standard historical brown sign and the other is on our wayfinding poles.  The only difference is that the historical sign has "open for tours" on it.  

Do we really need both of these signs?  Really?  Let's take one down and clean up sign clutter around our historic center.  If we really need to have the "open for tours" message, we can just add a tasteful hanging addition below the one on the wayfinding sign.  

Sorry for the glare on the image.